New Year Wishes for Parents

New Year Wishes for Parents: The celebrations of the New Year are nothing without the love of parents. You are requested to join your mom and dad at the event of the beginning of New Year. You can wish many Happy New Year messages to your mom and dad, it will increase your bliss and will also appreciate by parents. In below, there are several wishes are waiting for you.

new year wishes for parents

New Year Wishes for Parents

My mom and dad, you are busy in your lives but arrange the time for New Year. I am coming to hug both of you and will celebrate with you. Happy New Year.

Whether there is darkness of nights or the light of the days, I always miss you and want your care and love. My parents, many congratulations for having New Year!

May this New Year give you peace of mind and rest of soul. May this New Year change your life into heaven! My parents, do your best and love me more and more.

My mom and dad, you are getting old with every New Year. I am thankful to God because He gives you long life. You both are my courage and strength. Happy New Year.

My life has a lot of stories which I have spent with you. Believe me, I cannot imagine my life without you. Happy New Year.

My parents, you are like a dark cloud for me. I need this cloud at my head all the time. No difference how old am I, I am still dependant on you.

I am seeing your photos and you both look like a happy couple. I wish you to live more life together in this New Year too.

The industry of love is flourishing with every passing year. The good point is that such industry needs both of you to learn rules of utmost love. Happy New Year to my parents!

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New Year Wishes for Mom & Dad

I want to give awards at the starting of New Year to my parents. These awards are just a minor return of their scarifications.

Last day I went to a market and I have purchased many precious gifts for my mom and dad. I love you my parents to make me able to face the world.

Happy New Year and be ready for the parties and enjoyment of New Year. Your character is always a role model for me and I will follow you all over my life.

There were days when I was a baby. I know I am still like a baby for you. My parents, you are of great worth to me. I hope you will remain with me for next fifty years.

I suppose I cannot achieve the height of good character like you, my mom and dad. You both are everything for me after God. Happy New Year.

My heart is giving thousands of reasons to meet you every day. My parents, you are my backbone and my past, present, and future. Happy New Year.

I want to see a smile on your faces. Whenever I feel sad, then I think about you and your kindness. It gives me new hope and expectations. Accept my happy New Year message!

My parents, I am writing happy New Year message to you, not as a tradition. I am writing this loving message because I miss you and waiting for you. Best wishes for the New Year.

Last Updated on November 13, 2017